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The KGB Agent

Finding the truth
Tue 19 Mar 2024



Recently, I heard a story about a man who lived in communist Russia. His job for the KGB was to discover, monitor, and when called upon, break up Christian meetings with extreme force.

So he went from house church to house church inflicting terror and suffering on Russian Christians.

One time, he kept discovering and breaking up the same house church and amidst this group, he kept seeing a young, attractive woman, Natasha, who accepted the beatings for her faith. But one time, he stopped his troops beating her up

because he noticed something different about her, and wondered why she would constantly risk her life.

Well, perhaps it was because she had found the truth and nothing would stop her from following Jesus.

And ultimately her courage, faith and loyalty to God made the KGB agent wonder whether Christianity was true.

And in time, he accepted Jesus himself.

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