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It’s not fair

With God, it will be fair in the end
Tue 13 Dec 2022



It’s not fair!

It’s the cry of siblings when they detect injustice at home.

It’s not fair!

It’s the cry of a worker when there is inequity in the workplace.

It’s not fair!

It’s the cry of all of us as we look around at our world - for regrettably, we live in an unfair world.

The biblical authors were aware of the unfairness of life and the Apostle Peter helps people through unjust suffering by looking to the example of Jesus - who also suffered unfairly - he hadn’t done anything wrong, yet died a criminal's death on a cross and in the process “entrusted himself to him who judges justly.”

In the face of unfairness — Jesus trusted his Father — the God who brings ultimate justice.

The world might be unfair.

But with God, it will be fair in the end.

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