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I Forgot My Password

Will this be how God lets people into heaven?
Sun 28 Apr 2024



Recently, I went online to buy some tickets to see Taylor Swift. We'd missed out in the first round, but in the second round, much to my surprise, we got onto the ticket platform and found some tickets.

But as I went to finalise the transaction, I forgot my password to the ticketing platform. I frantically tried to remember, but I couldn't and so the transaction timed out and we missed out.

We missed out because I forgot one piece of information.

So, will this be how God lets people into heaven?

That if we panic and forget the right words (or password), we'll miss out on eternity with Him?

Well, no. A relationship with God is different. For not only is there unlimited space, but Jesus knows His people, died for them and prepares a place for them,

to ensure that His people will never miss out on life with Him.

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