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Hysterical women

Can we trust the first witnesses of the resurrection?
Fri 3 Jun 2022



The first witnesses of the empty tomb of Jesus were a group of women.

They discovered the tomb empty and an angel telling them that Jesus had risen. Yet when these women raced to tell the male disciples, these disciples did not believe the women.

This is understandable because, well, dead people don’t come back to life.

But also, in the ancient world, there was a prejudice against believing the testimony of women. Indeed, Celsus an ancient critic of Christianity, dismissed the resurrection because he said it was only 'an hysterical, half frantic ‘crazed’ woman who saw Jesus alive.'

So, given that ‘hysterical’ women are recorded as the first witnesses of the empty tomb demonstrates that this story is unlikely to have been fabricated and gives us reason to believe that what the women saw is true.

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