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Hungry for More

Our bodies tell us what we need. But so do our souls.
Sun 28 Apr 2024



The most dangerous time to reach for a snack might be the hour before dinner is served. You've finished most of the day's tasks and your body is sending you signals that it's time to eat!

Our bodies tell us what we need. But so do our souls.

There is a hunger in each of us that food cannot satisfy.

It may surprise you that Jesus offers Himself as the bread of life. Bread was and is a major source of sustenance.

Jesus offers Himself as our source of sustenance and satisfaction.

He doesn't just offer us a temporary fix to our needs, but an eternal, fulfilling and rich feast.

So the next time you go to make a sandwich or a piece of toast, remember that Jesus offers us more than just energy,

but meets our hunger for eternity by offering Hijmself as the bread of life.

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