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Humans are different than animals

Tue 29 Mar 2022
How are we different?
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Humans are different to the animals.

Whilst animals are remarkable creatures, they don’t seem to ponder life’s bigger questions.

Animals seem to simply want to eat, sleep and reproduce.

They don’t ponder their own mortality or ask questions about the nature of reality or the meaning of life.

Animals aren’t seeking to understand the secrets of the universe; build spaceships to explore the heavens or microscopes to uncover the microbial world.

Animals don’t make music, create art or write literature as GK Chesteron says, “cows don’t hear the birds and start writing poems.”

Yet humans do. Hence whilst we are flesh and blood like the animals - we’re also different.

Perhaps it’s something to do with being created, as the Bible says, in the image of God?

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