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How good is 'The Good Place'?

Wed 20 Nov 2019
Is heaven and hell just a joke?
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Heaven, hell, third space, The Good Place, Stephen McAlpine, David Robertson

Is heaven and hell just a joke? At first glance the Netflix comedy series ‘The Good Place’ appears to be mocking God. How can the producers take serious subjects - the big moral questions of existence and the afterlife - and turn them into a joke? But perhaps it's not so. David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine look at the themes raised in this popular series and unpack what it says about secular Western society, what it says about God and what it says about justice. Does the Christian story have more to say?


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    Thu, 21/11/2019 - 9:52pm reply

    If you wish to promote a positive view of Heaven why not do a post and tell us exactly what it is and how you know this?

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