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How to deal with a narcissistic boss

When injustice does prevails
Sun 19 Jun 2022



Have you seen the new drama The Dropout?

Based on the real life story of Elizabeth Holmes it documents her deceitful rise to billionaire CEO.

It’s a classic example of a narcissistic leader who bullies, manipulates, and destroys the reputations of others who threaten to reveal their true character

If you’ve ever worked for such a leader before you’ll know how personally destructive it is

What’s the solution?

As a Christian two things help me

Firstly the God of the Bible loves justice so we should do what we can to protect others from the harm of narcissistic leaders

But secondly, as Elizabeth Holmes demonstrates, when threatened with exposure such leaders become even more dangerous

That’s why I’m also thankful God promises to one day bring perfect justice.

When injustice prevails that’s a hope I cling to.

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