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How to Avoid Workplace Stress

Should we just avoid it altogether?
Thu 22 Feb 2024



Recently, I saw a funny post about work on Instagram. It read "How to avoid stress at work":

"Step one - don't go to work."

We laugh because we all know how stressful work can be. So, should we just avoid it altogether? The Bible gives a very clear answer to that — no!

Work was originally a good thing given to us by God; and sometimes, we still get moments of deep satisfaction in it.

But often, well, it's pretty stressful and difficult. But rather than giving up on work, the Bible says we should look forward to the time when God makes all things new; when there will be no more groaning and toil in our work.

In the meantime, we should get about loving people through our work.

In my experience, doing that goes a long way to making it less stressful.

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