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Holidaying with God

How does God impact your vacation?
Sat 27 Jan 2024



Years ago, I travelled to New York by myself. I was in my early twenties and this was the furthest I'd travelled without my immediate family.

"Freedom," I thought. I quickly realised that although I loved the flexibility, there were definitely places and things I would have loved to have shared with my family.

There is something deep within us that longs to share precious moments with our most loved ones.

So, have you ever thought about sharing your holiday with God?

When we go on holidays, we don't leave Jesus behind in our out-of-office messages.

In fact, Jesus is with us 24/7. His Spirit helps us to marvel helps us to be thankful and be giddy with excitement (when we find good food)!

And one day, God will share the most precious moments with us for eternity, just as He has longed for since the beginning of time.

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