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The Heavens Declare

The universe is bigger and grander than we can imagine!
Tue 30 Aug 2022



How about those pictures from the James Webb telescope?


The universe is bigger and grander than we can imagine!

Turns out

We’re not the centre of the universe! We’re only a tiny bit of it!

If there is a God

why would he even care about this mud speck called earth!

The Bible says that the heavens declare God’s glory

And that telescope make a good case for it.

Yet the Bible also says that the God of the universe

Cares enough about us to become one of us.

Cares enough to join us on our mud speck.

That’s the paradox of Christianity

A big God with grand plans

But grand plans that include us.

It’s easy to think the earth would be better off without humans.

But God won’t make do with the whole universe without them.

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