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Happy New Year?

When do you stop greeting people this way?
Wed 1 Feb 2023

Happy New Year!

Or is it too late in the year to still be saying that? When is it time to drop the New Year’s greeting?

I was discussing this annual conundrum with a friend recently.

He believes it’s time to stop saying it when the first disappointment of the year arrives.

Maybe you’re not quite so pessimistic, but the reality is that in spite of the hopes we might begin each year with, we know that inevitably disappointments, mistakes, and failures will occur

What do we do when the new year takes a turn we hadn’t imagined?

For me as a Christian I take comfort in the fact that nothing surprises the God of the universe, and that He promises to work all things for good for those who love Him

And that’s a comfort and hope that no disappointment can crush.

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