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The greatest virtue

Tolerance, Diversity, equality or... is there something better?
Sat 12 Feb 2022


Bible reference(s): Colossians 3

What virtue is most valued by our society? Tolerance? Diversity? Equality?

Now each of these are noble and worthwhile ideals. But I think they are impoverished as an overarching vision for society. The Bible instead offers something better. In Colossians chapter 3 the Apostle Paul outlines a series of virtues appropriate for the way of flourishing, but he concludes with one virtue to rule them all,

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Love. This isn’t surprising for it’s consistent with the heart and essence of God.

Love is different to the dominant virtues of our culture, for love is more positive, profound and personal.

So, I do wonder how would our world look if love was most valued?

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