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Got Beef?

It's okay to be angry
Tue 9 Jan 2024



Have you ever wondered how far one could push road rage? This is the premise of Beef, a limited series on Netflix, where two drivers experience extreme road rage which descends into chaos.

Road rage is common, and yet it may take take us by surprise.

Somebody cuts in front of us, or tail-gates dangerously close behind us. Annoyance turns into anger. Sometimes it turns into yelling, or even outright offence to another driver on the road.

More often than not, we try to repress the anger, only to discover it seeping out side-ways and misdirected at others.

The Bible is filled with words that come from an angered heart. God gives us permission to be completely honest with him. We might be able to hide our anger behind the wheel, but God sees into our hearts and cares for us. He invites us not bottle up our rage inside,

but to release it in prayer, and even offers to help us deal with it in His power of grace.

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