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The Good Son

Tue 7 Mar 2023
The popularity of Pinocchio
Good boy, Good son, morality

Wow, Pinocchio has seen a huge resurgence in popularity. From Disney to Netflix, these new renditions focus on the puppet’s journey to not only becoming a real boy, but to be a good son to Geppetto.

A son who doesn’t just take, but gives back and cares for the one who created him and provides for him.

Interestingly, this is a central part of the message of the Bible. While it is filled with wisdom about how parents are to raise their children and how children are to love their parents. There is one example of the Good son that sets the standard for us all. Jesus is that example.

He obeyed throughout His life and His willingness to die for the sake of mankind allows all who believe in Him to be called children of the Father.

God’s children.

The Good Son gives us all access to the Father.