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God's heart diagnosis

Fri 2 Dec 2022
Only Jesus can give us a true diagnosis
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Are you somebody who rushes to see a doctor when something feels wrong?

Or are you like me, hoping the problem will just go away on its own?

Not everyone has access to healthcare, but for those who do, ignoring a health problem may cause even bigger problems!

The same is true for our spiritual wellbeing.

We may experience anxiety and grief over an argument with a loved one or even over world events. In the Bible, Jesus introduces himself as a doctor who has come to heal the sick. He refers to those who are suffering spiritually, as well as physically.

Only Jesus can give us a true diagnosis of our heart and offers himself as a solution.

God has invited everyone access to himself through Jesus. So the next time something feels wrong at a heart level, consider asking God for a true diagnosis and consider accepting the care that he offers.

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