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God in Film Youth Study - Wonder

Watch the movie and continue the conversation

God in Film Youth Study - Wonder

Mon 26 Jul 2021
Watch the movie and continue the conversation
Film and TV
friendship, courage, Suffering, Parenting
Bible reference(s): Psalm 139: 14, Proverbs 18:24, Psalm 82:3

Film synopsis: August “Auggie” Pullman (Jacob Tremblay) was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, and despite enduring numerous surgeries, he still lives with multiple facial deformities. His mother Isabel (Julia Roberts) has homeschooled him for the first few years of his life, but his parents decide it is time for him to enter school at year five. His new principal tries to help Auggie to adapt to the school by introducing him to some of his classmates before the term, but nothing can adequately prepare him for the other students’ responses to his condition. As he travels through this new season of his life, he becomes the centre of the story, but director Stephen Chbosky (Perks of Being A Wallflower) manages to shows what effect it is to be a person in Auggie’s relational orbit.

What is striking about this story is that the central character is born with a physical deformity, but the film is not about the condition. Palacio’s story takes us through the different layers of how situations like these in our lives do not happen in a vacuum. Watching the narrative unfold on the screen provides an appreciation for families who strive to make the most of the challenges that come into their lives.

How do you have God in Film Discussion? Three simple steps

  1. Get friends, family or work colleagues together to watch one of the films
  2. Download the God in Film guide and study
  3. Read through the questions and suggested biblical text together - Enjoy the film and then enjoy some Reel Dialogue

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