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God in Film Guide: Belfast

Mon 2 Aug 2021
‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’
Film and TV, Relationships
future, Dystopian films, Dystopia, crime, redemption
Bible reference(s): John 8:32

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Kenneth Branagh has had a long and storied career as lead actor and director. He has brought William Shakespeare back into the norm for modern audiences with Hamlet and Henry V, made Agatha Christie cool and managed to work with some of Hollywood’s greatest directors. Yet, he has stated that Belfast is his most personal production as a semi- autobiographical look at the turmoil experienced in Northern Ireland in the late 1960s. One of those peaceful places where everyone knew one another and looked out for each other. Buddy (Jude Hill) enjoys life in his neighbourhood where he can run safe and free until one day when the peace is irrevocably crushed. His street houses families who have watched out for him and he has known all of his days despite being a mix of Catholic and Protestant. Since his father (Jamie Dornan) has to work in England throughout the week, Buddy must do everything to make it through this confusing and dangerous time with his brother and mother (Caitríona Balfe).

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