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God created mothers

What a precious gift
Thu 2 Jun 2022
Bible reference(s): Genesis 1

It can be said that God created mankind, in Genesis 1 it says he created male and female.

So, to say He made fathers and mothers, is not too much of a stretch.

In particular, God can precisely convey some of his marvellous traits through the beautiful role of mothers. This is played out in the lives of women on screens and in real life. We can see a depiction of the love of motherhood that is wrapped in protection, care and sacrifice.

People may have different experiences with their mothers, but in God’s original plan, it can be seen that the beautiful traits of mothers are a reflection of His very nature to care and love for his children. Also, the Bible shows how we as a community need to provide care for those women who sacrifice so much for their families.

Love you, Mum. You are a gift from God.