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Gentleness on the job

Is there value in being gentle?
Sat 16 Jul 2022

“Requirement for the job: gentleness”

Chances are that’s something you’ve never seen listed on a job description before - I certainly haven’t.

On the contrary, many employers want people who refuse to take no for an answer, who get things done.

Gentleness seems like it won’t get you very far in the workplace.

And yet if you’ve ever encountered someone truly gentle you’ll know how attractive it is, and persuasive for that matter.

For me, Jesus is the perfect model of this

He’s described as being gentle and humble in heart

Yet that doesn’t mean He’s never firm

On the contrary, in the biographies of Jesus you very often seem Him clear in His intentions, ensuring His purposes are achieved.

So why not check out Jesus and be amazed - even persuaded - by His gentleness

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