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Following Jesus as truth

Tue 20 Dec 2022
Making a truer you
Jesus' life
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I met a lady the other day who’d just become a follower of Jesus in her forties. Not because life was bad; life was good, her job was great, family life was happy.

I asked her what it felt like.

She said “light” — life was lighter with Jesus.

And that the need to be approved by other people just wasn’t as important any longer. She said it freed her up to do life better.

Following Jesus just worked.

Don’t follow Jesus just because it works. But it does work because it’s true.

Jesus said he’s the Way, the Truth and the Life. If he’s the Truth, following him makes you a truer you than you could ever be by yourself.

That’s what my friend had discovered.


  • Alt
    Sat, 24/12/2022 - 4:04pm reply

    Hi there, the claim that Christianity is true, is the truth: do you believe it to be true, or do you know it to be true? Is there a difference? And if so, does that difference matter?
    Cameron Lock
    Brisbane QLD

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