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Fine tuning of the universe

Thu 28 Jul 2022
Why is our universe so ordered?
Creation and evolution
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Why is our universe so ordered?

As modern cosmologists peer into the secrets of our universe, they are increasingly amazed and puzzled at the exquisite and delicate order they find. This has become known as the ‘fine tuning’ of the universe.

Indeed, the esteemed cosmologist, Sir Fred Hoyle, who was a committed atheist wrote that the universe was as if "a super-intellect has monkeyed with physics".

Well, it may be surprising, but the Bible’s very first chapter in Genesis records a ‘super
intellect’- the Lord God - creating with intentionality, order and structure. The world was not created as an afterthought or as the result of chaos, but a deliberately structured creation built by a God of order and patterns.

So is it surprising then that our universe appears fine tuned?