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Finding Dory Discussion Guide

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Thu 16 Jun 2016

It has been 13 years since audiences were introduced to Marlin (Albert Brooks), Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) and Nemo (Alexander Gould) and joined them on their family adventure. After so many years, will audiences remember this aquatic trio and does anyone care about the next chapter in their lives? For fans of the first outing, the answer would be a resounding, yes! Pixar and veteran director Andrew Stanton bring audiences back to the Great Barrier Reef one year after the rescue mission to save Nemo. The friendship has continued for the beloved trio, Marlin and Nemo have found a place for Dory in their lives, even with all of her forgetful tendencies. Through a series of events and familiar phrases, she begins to remember her family and she decides she needs to find them. With the help of the father and son clown fish team, Dory takes them on an adventure to the other side of the world. Their journey brings them to the shores of California, where the inhabitants of the Monterey Marine Life Institute try to help her reconnect with her parents. Finding Dory is a fresh perspective on the familiar aquatic tale from over a decade ago that will make you fall in love with this cast of characters all over again.

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