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Fighting as a family

Wed 8 Jun 2022
In Team Jesus you can be the oddball
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My family loved watching the feel-good movie: Fighting With My Family (2019). My 3 boys especially loved the scene with the bowling ball.

It’s the inspirational true story of how Paige comes from an oddball family but becomes a pro-wrestling superstar.

The movie ends with heart-warming pictures of the down-to-earth family.

But maybe they’re too down-to-earth for Hollywood. Because Hollywood replaces them with good looking actors like Florence Pugh and Lena Headey.

Hollywood’s message is that it’s ok to be the oddball. But only if you’re good looking.

This is where Jesus gives us a better story.

He comes down-to-earth as THE oddball. But he wasn’t good looking! And he doesn’t care how you look either.

If you’re looking for a new tag-team partner in the wrestles of life, it might be time to join Team Jesus.

In Team Jesus you can be the oddball, not good looking, champion.

But the Spandex tights are an optional extra.

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