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Feeling Stuffed

Still, why do we always get hungry again?
Sat 18 Nov 2023



I'm stuffed! After a massive meal where we just cannot fit another thing in, we feel full and very satisfied. Almost as if we never need to eat again.

But no matter how much food we've eaten, we will always get hungry again.

It's part of being human that good things never last; even the feeling of being full after a big meal.

Everything we do and experience is temporary, almost fleeting.

Chasing true satisfaction through food will lead to frustration; enigma; almost like chasing after the wind!

To find enduring satisfaction, we need to find something permanent; like Jesus, who claims to be the bread of life,

and said anyone who comes to Him will never go hungry, whoever believes in Him will never be thirsty.

Jesus came to truly satisfy us; so even though food is good, Jesus is the best for He truly satisfies.

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