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A father’s love

Can we all be Mr Incredible?
Wed 9 Nov 2022


Bible reference(s): rom 5:8

I love the movie The Incredibles.

This Pixar film is an amazing depiction of a father's sacrificial love for his family.

Mr Incredible may not be perfect and he makes his mistakes in parenting and in marriage, but he does show that he will do all he can to protect his family and puts his body on the line for their salvation.

This familiar storyline begs the question of how far a father would go for the sake of his family. At the heart of the Bible is an example of a Father's love for his children that culminates in the cross of Christ.

It says in Romans, God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Why not take the time to read one of the biographies of Jesus to understand what true sacrifice really means. You may discover that Jesus is the true Mr Incredible.

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