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Is life meant to be fair?
Mon 29 Aug 2022
Bible reference(s): Isaiah

Recently I watched the film, Being the Ricardos, a fascinating look into the lives of Lucielle Ball and Dezi Arnez.

One element that kept coming up was the subject of fairness.

Despite their success, their marriage and careers went through many challenges in the media and workplace.

This film made me wonder where this need for fairness gets its origins?

Fairness is one step away from the topic of justice. Some would say that the need for justice is hard-wired into humanity by God.

You can read in the book of Isaiah about how God is a God of justice and those who follow him are blessed.

Being the God of justice it should be said that he wants all things to be made right.

Why not seek the real answers to justice and fairness in the Bible.

That seems to be a fair choice for us all.

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