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Is Ethan Hunt a Christ-like Figure?

He's a saviour figure...but he isn't Jesus
Mon 18 Sep 2023



I was recently asked about how Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt was a Christ-like figure. This agent is constantly sent on impossible missions; he has his disciples who he sacrifices for, and his goal is to save the world.

I do enjoy the Mission Impossible franchise and it's fun to consider Ethan Hunt as a saviour figure,

but...he isn't Jesus.

Jesus may not have had the gadgets, masks and willingness to do crazy stunts, but His role in this world was so much more. Yes, He did miracles and walked on water, but the real purpose of His mission was to save the souls of this world.

Also, His method was to give His life as a sacrifice for us all.

Ethan Hunt may be a cinematic hero, but he can't measure up to Jesus, who accomplished the mission that many would qualify as impossible:

being the true Saviour of the world.

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