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Are we more like Elvis or the Colonel?
Sun 30 Oct 2022

Did you see the Elvis movie?
I took my son. We loved it!

Not your usual bio-pic
We laughed but we cried a bit too.

I remember Elvis dying. I was ten.
He was only 42 but it seemed old to me!

It was sad watching how his manager Colonel Tom Parker used Elvis’s talents for his own gain.

Elvis was great but – perhaps – could have been much more with the Colonel.

He needed someone to guide and lead him who had HIS best interests at heart
Not their own.

And when he died it felt like he’d been let down by the one person he trusted.

That’s no spoiler alert
We all knew that.

But imagine a leader
With our best interests at heart

That’s why I follow Jesus
There’s nothing Colonel Tom Parker about him
He has my best interests at heart.
He died for our sakes
Not the other way around

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