Elf | Third Space


Is there a connection with Jesus' story?
Fri 8 Dec 2023



It's December and you know what that means—we get to share our favourite stories.

Jesus' birth tops the list.

But admit it—there are others that get repeated each Christmas. And one of our family's favourites is the movie Elf. Have you ever though about what these two stories have in common?

Think about it for a minute.

Both Jesus and Buddy are outcasts; they speak truth to those who 'sit on a throne of lies'; they are rejected or ignored by the authorities; and they restore the faith of those who have lost it.

Now, there are many stories told on the big screen which stand in contrast to Jesus' story. Yet, it is refreshing to be engaged by one with so many similarities.

Know that Buddy the Elf is not Jesus, but I love how he can remind me of the Saviour of the world.

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