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Is Easter Believable?

Thu 7 Apr 2022
A Lawyer's Reflections on the Resurrection
Jesus' resurrection
evidence, standard of proof
Bible reference(s): 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Des Smith, an ex-lawyer, will be speaking to us on the topic ‘Is Easter believable?’. Des writes: ‘Easter is coming (where is the year going?). I love Easter. Hot cross buns. Easter eggs. A few days off. And for many, the chance to consider the bigger things in life. Because that’s the big question Easter asks: is death the end, or is there something more? Christians have believed for two millennia that there is something more, and point to Jesus’ resurrection as the proof. But is that believable? Can rational, reasonable people really believe that a man rose from the dead? And if so, why?’

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