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Dressing Up

How can I be presentable to God?
Wed 6 Dec 2023



I love wearing shorts and thongs; that's my go-to outfit.

But next week, I'm going to an event with lots of important dignitaries, and well, the short and thongs won't be welcome. It's a suit and tie for this function. Important people don't want to see me in my shorts!

What about God? If you're going to appear before Him, how 'dressed' do you need to be?

Here's the extraordinary thing; we could try and scrub ourselves up, but we're never going to hide all the faults and flaws.

But God says, "I don't expect you to. Come to me with your filthy rags and trust in my Son."

If you do, it's like you're clothed with His righteousness.

So, next week, I'll make an effort to be presentable to these dignitaries.

But when it comes to God, I'm so glad I don't try; but by trusting in Jesus, I'm presentable before God.

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