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Double Bounce

Sun 5 Mar 2023
This is why you walk funny
Philosophy of science
Love, double bounce, science, walking

Scientists have just discovered that we humans walk with a double bounce; when we walk, our bodies bounce twice—down, up, down, up—with each step. But why?

Scientists are obsessed with finding the reason for our double-bounce step. That's because we believe everything must have a reason.

Things don't just exist.

But if so, what's the reason for you and me? Why do we exist? And while we're at it, what's the reason for the universe?

The universe itself can't give us a reason for our existence when it itself has no reason to exist.

In the end, if there's to be any reason—for the universe, for you and me, for our double-bounce step—there has to be God with a reason behind it.

The Bible says God had every reason to make us. It was to know us, love us, and delight in us.

So that we too can know, love, and delight in God.

And maybe it was also to laugh at our double-bounce step.