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How can exercise burn off so few calories?
Sun 21 Aug 2022



The other day I went for a 5 km run.

When it was all over, my fitness tracker said that I had burned 300 calories.

A donut has 300 calories! I’d only burned off a donut.

How can exercise burn off so few calories?

And how can eating give back so many more?

That’s because our bodies love calories. We need calories to live.

That’s why we crave a good mayo sauce, or a fried chicken, or a sugar-coated donut.

It also shows that just one calorie goes a long way. One donut can power us to run and run forever.

The bible says that God’s Word is like honey – chock-full of calories.

We need God’s Word to live.

That’s why we crave it. God’s Word gives us the power for new life.

So the next time you dig into a donut, don’t count the calories. Instead count how many times God’s Word speaks to us today.

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