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Don't Worry T-Shirt

Why did that shirt stress me out?
Thu 7 Dec 2023



I walked past someone the other day, who was wearing a T-shirt which had printed on the front of it a list of great, positive, uplifting life advice. It was a long list of statements like "Don't worry", "Be kind", "Respect and love others" and so on.

It affirmed some really great virtues.

But as I glanced down this list, I actually felt a sense of burden; because if this was the path to the virtuous, caring and positive life,

then I had a lot of rules to observe.

The T-shirt attempted to be positive, but in the end, it felt like a lot of flaws. Which contrasts with Jesus, who came not bringing lots of laws, but who came with grace and peace and offers freedom;

freedom from laws, and so we can live trusting Him and live free from worry and live a full life of grace.

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