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Sat 16 Apr 2022
Defined by your transportation choices
Jesus' life
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The type of car someone drives can tell us a lot about that person.

Movie stars and celebrities drive around in big expensive high performance sports cars.

Elon Musk unsurprisingly drives a Tesla

Parents of large families drive people movers.

Royalty, dignitaries and politicians usually drive, or are driven, in large, expensive armour-plated vehicles.

Yet, the transportation Jesus used when he entered Jerusalem on what is known as Palm Sunday, was surprising.

For, as he was cheered by the crowd and worshipped as the king of Israel, his transportation was not like that of other leaders or kings.

He didn’t ride in a giant war horse, or elaborate chariot - he rode a small donkey!

The type of transportation someone uses tells us a lot about a person - a great king riding a donkey - maybe Jesus was a different type of leader?

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