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We all need a good 'restacking'
Tue 12 Jul 2022

We all know the feeling!

We go to put a dirty cup into the dishwasher …

But aaaaaargh!

The dishwasher is full of clean dishes. It still needs to be unstacked.

We would rather find the dishwasher full of dirty dishes than find it full of clean dishes.

But you can’t blame us!

How cruel for a dishwasher to only wash the dishes and but not to restack them?

What’s the point of that?

Fortunately for us – Jesus both cleans and restacks us

More than this, Jesus reshelves us next to himself! In the heavenly realms!

Jesus reshelves us – not just to where we belong – but on a higher shelf than where we ought to belong. Right next to him. Side by side on his throne.

But yes … you’re still going to need to unstack the dishwasher.