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Discovering the nerd in us all

Fri 10 Jun 2022
Dance lessons from Napoleon Dynamite
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The 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite celebrates the nerd inside all of us.

We laugh – and cringe – as we watch the socially-awkward Napoleon bumble his way through high school.

Napoleon Dynamite is us; and we are Napoleon.

But at the end of the movie, Napoleon finds redemption … in a cassette tape, with a mix of new songs.

From this, Napoleon develops a killer dance routine – wearing moon boots – in front of the whole school, which leads to a standing ovation.

From this, Napoleon’s friend Pedro becomes class president. And, yes, Napoleon also gets the girl he loves.

Napoleon turns from loveable loser to winner.

We too need redemption.

That’s why Jesus gives us a new song to dance to.

A song where we dance in sweet rhythm with the God of this Universe. And one where we win over sin and death.

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