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Different abilities?

Wed 20 Apr 2022
Great to engage with communities different than our own
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How to engage with those with different abilities?

Wow, the film CODA pulled off a come from behind victory at the recent Academy Awards. This beautiful film showcases how we all have different abilities and skills.

In CODA, we can see how those who are deaf and with different abilities have something special to offer this world.

When we look at the Bible’s view of each person on this earth, we can know that all are made and loved by God.

This film and the Bible provide a different way to look at those with different ‘abilities.’ Instead of judging or marginalising those with physical or mental challenges, people should rethink how to engage with our neighbours.

All of us need to take a step towards learning about other people’s lives by reaching out to them.

This initial step may prove to be an even more enriching experience than could have ever imagined.

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