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The detective novelist

God’s love story
Sun 11 Dec 2022



Dorothy L Sayers was an author of detective fiction. The main character who solved the crimes in her novels was Lord Peter Wimsey.

Wimsey was an English gentleman: intelligent, athletic with exquisite taste; yet he remained single.

Until he met a character, Harriet Vane, who intriguingly just like Sayers, was an intelligent Oxford-educated mystery writer. Eventually Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane were married.

It appears that Dorothy L Sayers fell in love with Lord Peter Wimsey, her creation, and wrote herself into the story so she could marry him.

This is just like the human story - where God, our creator, wrote himself into our story by becoming human in the person of Jesus so he could save us from our sins. God does this because he loves us.

So we are God’s love story.

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