Delorean Philosophy: The Tip of the Iceberg | Third Space
An Undeceptions Podcast
Date: Fri 4 Nov 2022
Society, Politics and economics
Political instability, infighting

Steve McAlpine takes a look beneath the surface of the heavy seas that are swamping Western governments and asks whether or not we have bigger things to fear than political instability.

Our political turmoils are the tip of deeper cultural churning. The West is balkanising. We are fracturing, not along ethnic lines but along cultural ones.

No one is willing to cede their authority, and that only leaves one way for us to get other people to do what we want them to: power.

Political instability might be an inconvenience, but cultural in-fighting leads to society-wide power struggles. And that, says Steve, is where we are headed.

In this seventh episode of Delorean Philosophy Steve McAlpine explores how social values can have unforeseen consequences.

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