Delorean Philosophy: A pregnant Pause | Third Space
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Date: Sun 6 Nov 2022
Society, Politics and economics
Political instability, infighting

Steve McAlpine asks where our increasing preference for two-person families is taking us?

Not only are one in four Australian households child-free in 2022, but it’s predicted that between 2023 and 2029 the number of couples living without children will overtake the number living with kids.

This is NOT a podcast about couples who are unable to have CHILDREN. Nor is it a promotion for having ten and living in isolated communities behind barbed-wire fences.

However, for whatever reason, many younger secular couples in the West have decided not to have CHILDREN. And if that trend continues, then more religion not less is our future.


‘People seemed threatened by it’: Three couples on their decision not to have children, Dilvin Yasa, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Click here to learn more about the Love Mercy Foundation.

And Steve recommends you check out Mary Eberstadt and her books.

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