Delorean Philosophy: A crisis climate | Third Space
An Undeceptions Podcast
Date: Sun 6 Nov 2022
Ethics, justice and social welfare, Lifestyle and well-being
millennials, climate, democracy

“I’m here because I don’t have a future!” Louise the millennial tweets to her followers. And who can blame her, having been raised on a diet of hopelessness?

Steve McAlpine looks at the apocalyptic angst that is engulfing younger generations and asks if there is no off-tap to their earth-shaking fears.

Those whose early memories are of the twin towers falling are experiencing not simply a climate crisis but a crisis climate.

Crisis abounds. The end has seemed nigh for some time – for all of their lives at least – and they’re just waiting for the axe to fall. Or the fire to fall. Whatever it may be.

Steve finds it’s a climate of crisis in seemingly every direction.

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