Delorean Philosophy: Cheaper to Die | Third Space
An Undeceptions Podcast
Date: Sat 19 Nov 2022
Ethics, justice and social welfare, Lifestyle and well-being

The more support increases for euthanasia, the less incentive Western governments have to fix ailing healthcare systems. It’s just economics. It’s cheaper to encourage people to die.

Steve McAlpine looks into a brewing crisis at the juncture of health care and euthanasia legislation.

Stories emerging from Canada demonstrate that people with chronic illness or pain are choosing to end their lives not because they want to die but because it is too expensive to live.

With countries like the Netherlands ever widening the door to assisted death, Steve asks what incentive exists for Western governments to repair struggling healthcare systems when clearing the path out of this world is so much more cost-effective.

What hope is there for improving the lot of the chronically ill when the overwhelming need is to make things CHEAPER?

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