Deeper Questions Episode 8: "How do we combat misinformation?" | Third Space

Deeper Questions Episode 8: "How do we combat misinformation?"

How can we know what is true?
Wed 12 Jul 2023



Episode 8: "How do we combat misinformation?"

How do we know what we know? And how can we be sure? No one wants to be gullible, and most of us pride ourselves for being independently minded. And yet... we’re way more dependent on our social groups than we probably realise, which makes us susceptible to believing falsehoods. Today we’re going to jump into the wild world of misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

John Cook is a Senior Research Fellow with the Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change at the University of Melbourne. He researches how to use critical thinking to counter misinformation. He created the Cranky Uncle game, combining critical thinking, cartoons, and gamification to build resilience against misinformation. He currently works with organizations like Facebook, NASA, the Sabin Vaccine Institute, and UNICEF to develop evidence-based responses to misinformation. He also founded has coauthored/contributed to a vast amount of books including The Debunking Handbook and Conspiracy Theory Handbook.

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