Deeper Questions Episode 16: "What does healthy masculinity look like?" | Third Space

Deeper Questions Episode 16: "What does healthy masculinity look like?"

Is there non-toxic masculinity?
Thu 19 Oct 2023



Episode 16: "What does healthy masculinity look like?" with Al Stewart

The last 50-60 years have brought unprecedented change when it comes to understanding, and re-writing our understanding, of gender roles in society. Today’s episode is not so much going to look at all the aspects of gender we could cover, but we want to zero in on manhood and masculinity. Being a man has always brought a range of advantages and power dynamics that we’re coming to understand more and more, but there also challenges that we’d do well to try and dig into as well.

Today we have Al Stewart who has recently written a book on masculinity, called The Manual: Getting Masculinity Right. I’m privileged to call him a friend and someone that I’ve admired and worked alongside over my time with Third Space and City Bible Forum. He’s currently the director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, and has extensive experience in Christian ministry. We don’t tend to get pastors on this show much, but he’s learnt a lot about blokes over the last few decades, and has plenty of great insights.

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