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Dad Jokes

Can they show the love of God?
Wed 24 May 2023



What do you call friends you like to eat with?

Tastebuds. Get it?


I love Dad jokes. My kids on the other hand, well, they just roll their eyes and pretend not to laugh. But, I'm a Dad—it's my job to tell Dad jokes. I can't help it.

You know the Bible describes God as a Dad—our Heavenly Father.

And there's one thing He can't help doing for His children: loving them. Because God is love.

Is God your Heavenly Father but it sometimes feels like He's distant?

Even if you can't feel it, you can be sure He still loves you; He can't help it!

Or maybe you want to know this love of God.

Then ask Him for it—He can't help it.

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