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Tue 14 Mar 2023
Never a waste of time
Jesus' life
Sport, God's story, test

Our family went to watch Australia play a cricket test. We sat in the rain. We baked in the sun. But the match ended in a draw! No result!

You could say we wasted our time. You could say the players wasted their time. It made no difference if they scored 0 or 100 runs.

But of course it made a difference! Because the test was part of a test match series.

It was part of a story bigger than just its own.

We're the same. You could say that everything we do is meaningless.

Because at the end of our life, we simply die.

It makes no difference if we lived or not.

But it does; because there's a story bigger than just our own.

We're part of God's story. Everything we do makes a difference.

Especially because there's going to be cricket in heaven. So you better get used to sitting in the sun and rain for days and days with no result.