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Cold Showers

Mon 13 Feb 2023
Why don't we take more?
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Why aren’t people taking cold showers?

They say taking cold showers will burn fat, reduce inflammation, and boost circulation. So why aren’t we all taking cold showers?

"Um, because it’s cold! Why would I want to take a cold shower?!?"

But did you know that cold showers also improve will power? Just by taking a cold shower you’ll now have more will power to take another cold shower?

Bit by bit, you will re-orientate your will power and soon you’ll be craving cold showers.

In the same way, we could also be craving God.

But we don’t. Our human nature naturally turns away from God.

But if we ask God, he will pour out his Spirit on us. A bit like a Spirit-Shower.

God’s Spirit will re-orientate our will power. We will take pleasure in God. And soon we will be craving more and more of God.

God’s Spirit changes us.

But no, not enough to ever want a cold shower. For that you just have to be a little crazy.

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