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Climate Risk: a Christian perspective

How should we respond to climate risk?
Thu 30 Nov 2023


Bible reference(s): Genesis 1:28, Romans 8:20

According to the Lowy Institute, six out of ten people in Australia believe climate change is a serious and pressing problem; and we should begin taking steps now, even if this involves significant costs. Civilisations around the world are already experiencing changes in extreme weathers, natural disasters, food scarcity, as well as environmental and biodiversity loss. 2023 is currently on track to be the warmest year since records began in the mind-1800s, and like the previous millennia as well.

So, how should we respond to climate risk? How does climate change alter our view about the world we live in?

Stephen Lau, Principal at Finity Consulting, has been working in the area of climate risk and advises companies on how to understand the impact of climate change, and what they can do about it. He believes his Christian faith helps deepen his understanding of the world amidst the evolving nature of climate change. Stephen says, "I see climate change as a signal to remind us how truly dependent we are on God's creation, and how valuable it is. Climate change is not just about an Earth that is warming up. Rather, it puts a spotlight on human behaviour and decisions—the good, the bad, and the ugly—that end up having global consequences to human survival on Earth." In this talk, we hear more from Stephen as Saroop Phillip (also from Finity) interviews him about his Christian perspective on this important issue transforming our world today.

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